How Color Can Brighten Any Situation

Have you ever notice how when people see bright, colorful things, like flowers and art, they smile? It is no surprise that color is often associated with moods and positive thinking. You can make any situation better by wearing the right colors.


Lady in Red


It has longed been said that the color red can make any woman stand out in a crowd. There was even a song written about this. The fact of the matter is, it is quite true. Red is the color of passion and love.


The Deep Blue Sea


For some reason, blue has a calming effect. Just like the water signifies tranquility, so does the color blue. Whether it is the color of your walls or the bright skies, blue produces relaxing feelings.


Orange is the New Black


If you need to look and feel enthusiasm, there is no better color than orange. This is probably why most summer clothing is some shade of orange. The color is a mixture of red’s desire and yellow’s happiness. Orange increases your energy and raises your vitality level. If your goal is to get more exercise into your life, don’t start without buying yourself an orange exercise outfit.


Picking colors to paint your home, your office, or for your wardrobe should be taken seriously. However, you can have on a black suit and be in a good mood. Although color isn’t the only factor that can affect your mood, having the right color to make you feel better doesn’t hurt.





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