Color and Emotion

emotional color

emotional color

Color can cause emotional reactions.


Even with the photograph above, notice how the background is neutral and all of the other colors are relatively neutral as well.


Colors offer a way for use to convey emotion.


I’m sure there has been studies done on the emotional reaction to color as well.


Color has been studied along with the emotional impacts.


Think about why some traffic signs are associated with colors.


For example, red is often associated with danger.


Even in nature, red is a dangerous color to observe.


Stop signs, caution signs, stop lights, electric shock warnings and so much more all come with red lettering or a red background.


Blood is red.


Is red a cautious color to us because of that?


Is the emotion of anger associated with red because it is also the color of our faces when we flush or when we bleed?


It’s an interesting color.


Here are the colors and some emotions that are often associated with them:


Red – Anger, Caution, Resentment, Action

Possible reason?  РThe color or blood, flushed angry faces, poisonous mushrooms, alert signals


Orange – Heat, Warmth, Comfort, Steady

Possible Reasons? – Steady color of the Sun, Heat comes from the sun therefore orange is associate with such. The color of fire embers is a warm orange.


Yellow – Excitement, Caution

Possible Reasons? РButterflies are energetic and some are yellow, Leaves that fall are yellow and full of energy, Yellow birds are full of energy, Yellow caterpillars area  warning sign to stay away in nature, yellow flowers attract insects, bees are yellow and harmful


Green – Calm, Steady, Wealth

Possible reasons – The color of nature, the color of abundance in both nature and with money, Always around, As my grandfather says…it matches everything


Blue – Calm, Sad, Quiet

Reasons – Color of storms aftermath, color of the ocean, lake and other bodies of water, color of the sky, color of the world at night and dusk.


Indigo – Royalty, Calm

REasons- Color of the sky at dusk, color of summer flowers and flowers in abundance may be associated with wealth.


violet – Very similar to indigo.


So no matter if you live near the equator in Marikina Valley or if you live in Alaska, colors can be associated with emotion and how you use those colors in your paintings and drawings can impact your viewer.


IN addition to color affecting emotion, you have to take into consideration the way your use your drawing tool or brush.


Sharp angles can emit anger while curvy lines can be more calm.


Many artists may subconsciously address inner emotions in the way that they utilize their art making tools without even knowing it.


Take a look at your artwork and see if you can identify any emotions and associate them with stuff that was going on in your life at the time you created the masterpiece.


You might be surprised at what you find!

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