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Color and Emotion

Color can cause emotional reactions.   Even with the photograph above, notice how the background is neutral and all of the other colors are relatively neutral as well.   Colors offer a way for use to convey emotion.   I’m sure there has been studies done on the emotional reaction to color as well.


Acrylic or Oil?

So, are you trying to figure out what the difference is in painting with acrylic and oils?   Why do some people prefer one over the other?   Is there a difference?   Yes…most definitely there is a huge difference between the two types of paints.   Unfortunately, both paints will stain your clothing so if you are looking for Read More

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What is color?

Hi There!   Mary Here.   I figured since I love painting we will start out with a conversation/lesson about color.   I’m the painter of CJS creative and prefer to spend my day nose deep in oils or arcrylics. (I’ll talk about the difference in a future post).   Today, let’s talk about color.   Color is more of Read More