Welcome to CJS Creative Mall.  Please stay tuned as we build out our blog!


This is our new blog. Hang tight while we build it up and make it look pretty!


We created this blog to share our creative ideas and maybe sell one or two of our unique art projects.  This is new to us so selling artwork and sharing ideas should be interesting.


We are two artsy people who live in PA and have been creating art since our primary school years.

We often go to craft fairs and art gatherings to stay in the social art scene.


Both Chris and I (Mary) are a bit shy when it comes to being around other humans and we like to spend out time in our artwork.

Chris is more of the 3D artists while I am the one who spends most of my time drawing an painting.


I prefer to paint and will likely be the one to share more of my ideas on this blog.


We are thinking of starting and online art coaching blog but we need to see how dedicated we are to making a commitment to using this type of technology.


So, this is our first post and we hope that you enjoy what is to come!


Signing out for now


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